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  2. Nice pictures :)
  3. Very nice pictures and landscapes  :)
  4. Nice in game pictures ;)
  5. Aside from the center of the city, most of Saturnia consists of residential neighborhoods, and the Chinatown and Harborside areas. In the northwest of the city, there's the large sports complex, boasting four five stadiums. Olympic Stadium is easily the largest of the bunch, with a massive capacity of 110,000 people. There is no full time professional team here, but tournaments from around the world compete here in various events. It was completed in 1997. The football stadium is the second largest, holding up to 67,000 people for one event. It is the full time home of the Saturnia Titans. The Soccer stadium is the third largest. For one event, 48,000 can attend. It is the full time stadium for Saturnia United. The sports complex also holds an Olympic pool, a hockey arena, a hotel (dubbed "the sports geek" by locals), a small hall of fame, and a medical facility. Saturnia also has a baseball team, but it does not play in the sports complex. Combining all the stadiums, the complex has a total of 260,000 seats. The complex is wonderfully illuminated at night.
  6. very nice building and I really like your street mod! Happy New Year!
  7. Happy New Year Fasan and thank you for your wonderful  journals!
  8. love the blockade! lol Happy new year to you as well!
  9. Hi, jmsepe. A most auspicious birth.   Hi, ROFLyoshi. Good to see you one there.   Hi, _A. I second that.   Hi, Mymyjp. Thanks for commenting.   Hi, NMUSpidey. For me, too, since I didn't frequent this part of ST until December 2010.   Hi, Kisa Atsuko. You're on multiple year end charts :)   Hi, TowerDude. Great stuff.   Hi, Schulmanator. Congratulations.
  10. Happy New Year! Wonderful city! Congrats!
  11. very very nice! Too bad Kyary didn't sing XD
  12. I love everything!!! Amazing...
  13. Wonderful Work!!!! :D
  14. Lol. I agree. Poor guy in the wheel chair. xD   But nice entry.
  15. North [38] [39] [44] [45] [51] Central [96] [109] [110] [117] [118] [124] [125] [135] Southern [174] [175] [176] [177] [187]   Have a Phat 2015
  16. This is a very nice map. And your city seems to be developing very well! Looking forward to see more, especially close up of the city! :)
  17. Wonder how the lasers and night building and firework placed?
  18. Nicely done! Something different here... and I like it!
  19. Really enjoying the time lapse going on... That is something I've been trying to work into my journals. Very nice I will check updates!
  20. Nice update! Happy new year!
  21. Chinese readings of kanji hurt my head :D  Great first picture, though!
  22. Cool stuff right here. And some good ol' The Last of Us music.
  23. Congratulations on your number 11 spot for 2014, and well done - you're the first number one on BTT for 2015.
  24. Congratulations, your CJ is number 3 for 2014!
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