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  1. Today
  2. (it's not my full Mattb325 city yet, I' m finding my SC4 legs again, but... you'll see )
  3. Yesterday
  4. You've got there a bold mix of W2Ws there!
  5. nice pics. I also think the beach pics looks the best.
  6. Last week
  7. Thank you, Some will return; Evansville Regatta is back and Mayon City Restored still availble ! others in time little disturbing other CJ. Hartford road structure is like a dimaond caught in a squared cage; hartford city designer took a look from the top of that Cityhall to have a idea of how to configure the more modern aproach ! Complete diagonal roadstructure would leave less space for the mayor facilites and residential space; some diagonals as avenue or acces road are there to break the grid, the big avenues are there to releave the central road structure ! Hartford would have been quit like the other Mayon cities wich are mostly square grid it wouldn´t matter, thank to those city planner it´s more modern ! Simcough are the best to depict a semi modern american neighbourhood ! Mayon Provine will in style be finished; there still the NorthEast corner, Emeraldville , Roghue Island (adressed soon) and the NorthWest wildernes to conquerre; time table still under scrutiny, this part will go in full swin up to september, october will see a return to Europa Anno; this serie have about three interesting cities to go, I don´t want to rush both series and end up empty handed, so probably some part of Mayon will feature in Show what your about ike the recent harbour and airport post´ and or I take another break next year to continue Mayon, l. We will see in time ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  8. Extremely space efficient setup while maintaining viable functionality is one of your hallmarks in this CJ. Could not be more proud of you despite all of the difficulties you went through. Kudos to you and your achievements!
  9. (still going backwards from your last entry) Oh very nice work. I'm in love with the way you showcased that good old city hall ! Good eye for MMPs from the start, eh ? AND for transport networks. I envy you.
  10. (as I was away I missed a lot of this, so I'm going backward form your last entry) : I love that one (big cities are less my thing). The MMPing and choice of buildings are spot on. I like the way the road network doesn't overwhelm the whole thing ((what is your terrain ? I like that shade of green :-) )
  11. Český Krumlov is amazing! I just had free time to see your last entries now. But it's good because I can admire 2 in one go. I do not know if I ever told you, but some of your pictures have become wallpapers from my phone from time to time
  12. Spectacular entry! I can spend hours staring at the pictures seeing how you care to each detail, amazing.
  13. So... let's begin with version 2.2. For reference, this is version 2.0 - before the IRM Pack installation. The pictures says stage 1 but it is actually stage 2. The first one was just a horrible (could it be possible?!) mash of street, roads and avenues with extremely cluttered industry and severe traffic congestion. The Maxis Highway was replaced yesterday with a more ... "prettier" NAM highway. It totally killed city funds. 40,000-something Simoleans dropped to roughly 16,000 because the Network muppets didn't know what they were doing. The change was clearly needed because driving through the city was a major pain in the backside. All these on and off ramps in all directions would drive any sane person mad - no pun intended! In the pipeline Figure out where to place railroad Shuffle industry to fit with railroad Focus on South-West sector (workforce from Residential Evil) Whatever else springs to mind as work progresses And since I cannot link a picture from URL... (why?! It worked in the past) Industrial - Overview stage 2.2
  14. So I have been away from both the game and this forum for over a year. The reason is rather pathetic, but I think I'm not the first to have experienced it. Addon and Mod HELL! I got so invested in finding new addons and mods, ploppables, auto stuff, you name it, that I actually got burned out from all of it. I remember spending more time sorting and indexing my 100 or so addons (which I know is a small number for other Sim-users) and trying to figure out what worked and what didn't, where to find stuff in game and looking for dependencies that required dependencies, that required... BAH! The one mod that broke me was the IRM Base Pack (Industrial mod). I reached a point where I had to figure out why some of the basic Maxis buildings were, and still are, missing. But I just can't be arsed looking for a solution. Not yet anyway. I'm slowly getting back to the game and have been tweaking Residential Evil a tad bit. Some libraries have been relocated, a house of worship was also relocated after two others were burnt to the ground by fanatics. There is also a recently built Little League Stadium with an arcade hall and tourist trap nearby. As for Industrial (what a lame name), it is my biggest headache right now. It's one giant temporary solution. What I really should do is drop a nuke and have it all erased and start over. But that would be way too easy. The main goal is to demolish the Maxis Highway and replace it with NAM, and re-route the railroad. But first I need to get the RHW-4 neighbour connections sorted. The work-around is avenues.
  15. Some of the best graphics for C:S I've seen.
  16. Before assuming that I will cancel this project I will not cancel this project at all but it's taking a new route.So I made a decision to start the entire project over as completely rural.Why?I've lost interest in developing urban areas and felt like I couldn't do rural and urban at the same time so in response I decided to start over the project as rural.You guys might not be happy about the decision but I just felt unwilling to do urban areas.I also promised to slow down the entries as I realized how much I did on this city journal.Thanks for the support and it keeps me motivated to continue this project.
  17. Is there somewhere you download The Skybridge? I thought I saw someone else with that same bridge, I tried looking for it but haven't found anything yet.
  18. Earlier
  19. Wow, you put a lot of effort into this! I love the highway going through the forest by the way.
  20. @Prophet42These ones?: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3051 Thanks for the comment!
  21. VERY good nature pictures, esp. 2 -- well, not so much nature, that one -- agri...:-) & 3.And the last mosaic ! Amazing MMP job.
  22. It was indeed a nice, well thought-out city, with good MMPing. Looking forward to the next one.
  23. Huge congrats on 10 great years of Tarkusian Cities, Alex. That is an amazing accomplishment, but demonstrates the same focus and dedication that has kept the NAM moving forward. Hats off to you, my friend! David
  24. Update #35 - Click here [linkie] to see the content.
  25. Looks good! Haha, for the villagers moving next to the dump. I also like to have a unique church in each town. Thanks for sharing!
  26. Here's some screenshots of a industrial town I was working on.
  27. Last picture power may have no use or can be replaced by PEG Conduit or obsolete ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  28. @Golhbul The baobabs weren't actually made by me - I downloaded some free models from exlevel.com and rendered them, and after that I made a small MMP with them. I'd love to share them - but unfortunately the bottom of the site specifically states that they aren't allowed to be redistributed in any other formats, so I wouldn't be able to upload the .sc4model files or the MMP I made on the STEX I believe. However, they could very well be fine with me sending you the files via PM. I'll contact them and see if this would be acceptable.
  29. And BTW, you mentioned some cities that those plane came from, but you said "Taipei in Thailand", but Taipei is in Taiwan...
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