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  2. Preperations for the expansion of a city called Bellenau: I thought there was no space left to connect the onramp towards the south if I wanted to keep space for widening, so I came up with this odd design (Exit 'Windfield Airport-East'): Probably the first one I have drawn on a piece of paper prior to building it in the game (Interchange Mirefield-South):
  3. You guys never let me down. The Palais Garnier speaks for itself, but what's this? It may be unreleased...
  4. Yesterday
  5. @harryloko20 those were done by @OlScare / Benoit but weren't ever released. Luckily, the author did some similar ones (look at the files uploaded at the account). Also @Tyberius06 made some similar ones lately: To get that effect BTW, the avenue has to be placed on a 15 metres deep trench, and the wall pieces are located facing the upper side of the slope. For the tunnels, FLUP pieces on slope by @buddybud were used, but it seems that those weren't officially released. About the stairs I'm not sure, but they look like ones by Buddybud over Jeronij walls.
    very nice... well done, 5/5
  6. Oh...okay. I c know. I didn't realize I didn't need the original.
  7. I love the hydrological aspect of this game. If Colossal Order would listen to me, I have some suggestions that I think would vastly improve it. One would be to allow, maybe with a slider control, the "ebb and flow" effect where a river will rise and then fall all on its own over the course of a minute or two. Another would be to put a little modal info bubble that pops up on each of the water sources after they are placed. It would tell you the output quantity or drain effect in some uniform measurement and the max capacity of the source. It would also be great to be able to move a source once it is placed without changing its capacity and resetting it to max output. Another neat thing to have would be some "steam effect" plops like in SC4 so that you could better simulate rapids and waterfalls. I did watch the entire video, as this is an area of interest for me. David
  8. Thanks for the comment @Simmer2!
  9. Okey nice! Liseberg is a very fun themepark. They got some fun coasters there nowdays. But i have not decide yet wich name this park will have
  10. Very nice themepark indeed, visited Lisseberg some 30 years ago during a scandinavia travel, well done !
  11. Bear in mind, that patch is also pretty out of date, because it's purpose was to make the existing puzzle-piece designed stations work with the then new draggable GLR system. Some of the lots may have been updated in the meantime, in short, if you can drag El-Rail through a station (without the patch installed), you don't need a patch for it.
  12. That may be the case, but unfortunately the way RHW works is not based on coding every eventuality, it's a continual evolution of what works and right now, that setup doesn't. In an ideal world, super-tight compact setups would work for every piece, but in reality it would take many more years of code improvements for such a thing to happen. As such, this isn't a situation where we'd consider it a bug, just a work in progress code-wise. When those come up, the best solution is to find a work around.
  13. Hello guys! Currently i'm working on an amusement parkt in the city of Gustavsborg. Gustavsborg are inspired by the beautiful city of Gothenburg (yes i'm from Sweden) and i'm hoping to build as much I can and show you a lot of photos in the future. Please tell me what you think of my work so far!
  14. Did you know ... ... there is a very famous sports program in german TV, existing since 1963, and it's a long tradition that at the end of the show all the famous (or not so famous) special guests gather together and they do a shootout on the goal wall. In 2014 they had a very special guest - Andy Holzer - a blind mountaineer from Austria who made all seven summits. TV editors were unshure how to deal with this - to force a blind person to participate in a goal wall shooting or to exclude him from the event, both didn't seem to be right. But instead he insisted on doing it. What happend then - might be best to watch in the video (starting ~01:06): .
  15. Ferrari 206 S Dino This exact car was raced by Gustaf Dieden at Ring Knutstorp in 1967, where the accident that made it famous occurred. At the last corner before the start/finish straight, the throttle got stuck, and Dieden was forced to swerve to the right to avoid the stone wall straight ahead. What laid to the right was a creek, which the car ended up in. The car was driven in six more races throughout Scandinavia during that season, and broke down in three. All this means is that the car is anything but reliable, but it's also a 50-year-old Ferrari race car that has a colorful history. All that means is that it was sold at an auction in 2012 for 2,5 million euros. Good deal.
  16. In awe!
  17. (maybe it was somewhat OT but it has been quite enlightening....)
  18. It is very nice. I have to say that "likes," while it is always good to see them, don't take the place of a comment, however brief. Ten years ago a CJ showing this kind of quality would have had ten or fifteen comments in a couple of days. Today- pretty much crickets. Please take a few minutes to encourage the author of a CJ you like, especially if it is just getting started, with a comment. NeguchiMaroyama, I don't mean to rant all over your comment section. I really liked your screenies and think you are capturing the ambiance of the countryside in rural France perfectly. Like out friend Robban I will follow your CJ and am very much looking forward to your next post. David
  19. Sounds to me like you may be missing the original building files.
  20. Not exactly Cori , but yo'll have to settle this time
  21. @RIngo2017 Here; http://www.simcity.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=74550
  22. I'm going on a bit of a road trip for 5-6 days.
    Another excellent mid-rise building!
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