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  2. @accapulco Totally! I'm not sure if it'll be right after the other container projects or if I'll have a little break from containers and work on some other assets. It depends on how bored I am from importing container assets. But they're definately on my to-do list.
  3. Well asked and well answered!
  4. Are you referring to the pinkish background colored box near the upper right just above the first post? Mine says: Reply to this topic. I'm out of time this morning cause I have to go to work. Hopefully someone else will have a better answer. This is out of my league cause mine is all in English.
  5. You must be a psychic kitty. The next person has no J in their username.
  6. Wait, wait. I'm talking about the "post a reply" box here in SC. Sorry for the un-precision.
  7. In some threads I do see that. In this one I do not. I have whitelisted Simtropolis in my uBlock Origin in the hopes of getting the ads to show. All I see is the 10ish lines of gray area where, I presume, an ad is supposed to show.
  8. Doing that pretty much means taking away the realism and lowering the quality of your asset. I really wouldn't recommend it because right now it looks pretty awesome!
  9. Cori, are you seeing about 10 text lines of gray area in between your post and huzman's? Its the same gray as the border, but it shouldn't be there. I've quoted 'Simtropolis Related' so you can have a look.
  10. How about a "Breaking the Game" award? In my mind this would be for either a mod like SimMaster07's SC4fix dll or for extreme examples of korvering.
  11. Today
  12. You can only do that if you use textures, between 0 , 1 coordinates.
  13. For those of you with super long loading times with NExt 2; do you also experience a sharp decrease in overall performance? I have seemingly lost half my average FPS since the update, and my computer is struggling with 25.000 residents as opposed to 150.000 residents just days ago. Btw i don't want to nag. Overall you've done an amazing job with this mod, clearly evident by how essential most of us in here find it
  14. Not shure, if this traffic controller is still included. Sorry can't remember anymore an option of this kind. Maybe first to check if it's the actual CAM Version (2.1). Installation process is a little complicated as SimCity_1.dat needs to be patched. And for the CAM an older Version can't be overwritten with a newer one as first the original SimCity_1.dat has to be restored (from CD or security copy). So maybe there in the process went something wrong. Well, @fredinno, did you try to remove everything from the plugin folder except of the NAM stuff and then test if still 2 icons are there? If not - well it can't be the NAM. If yes - to me this means base game data isn't correctly overwritten. But as NAM35 is out since October 2016 and to my knowledge this wasn't reported before - it could also be, that something is wrong with the base game data. Don't know for real if the subway is in the SimCity_1.dat. But I guess so. So - without deeper knowledge, I would gess something with patching the SimCity_1. dat went wrong, when applying CAM. But that's guessing, not knowledge.
  15. I prefer the UV first approach. Then you can export a drawing of the UV layout and add/create the textures in GIMP or Photoshop.
  16. Worked on the diffuse texture last night. Was super excited to just plop it in the game to see how it looks. Geeked out on the asset-editor decorations (lights, antennae, etc). But what made my day this morning, was waking up to find that the official Cities Skylines twitter retweeted my pic to their 28k followers. Sweet! Any tips for how I should make the windows look more in line with the game design style? I think they stick out now and look a bit "too real." Next up: spec, illumination, and normal maps. I think the illumination map will be alot of fun with the fancy random system, but I'm worried about the normal map, as I've never done one before. I plan to use the online thing that Roxy recommends in his texturing video. Oh and ofc I still gotta do an LOD.
  17. Ok, then that prolly means it's a NAM and CAM conflict? Or at least somehow @fredinno has two plugins that both have a subway.
  18. I think this is outdated. With NAM35 it's recomended to keep the old installation as NAM35 installer can read and copy the settings and then installs over it. At least the readme tells so.
  19. I did some research and found these replies for a similar problem: Do note these are from several years ago and may or may not be relevant today, but it's at least worth considering.
  20. From the Mozilla Help: Does that do it? Mod note: I'm going to move this thread to the Simtropolis Related forum since it's not an SC4 technical issue.
  21. @Yarahi Ahhh thanks for the link to the wmp causeway. I think you are probably right about the suburban JRP canals as well, although all this time i had no idea there was a version of it on the LEX. Speaking of Japanese content, does anyone have a working link to Kazuki's 'Street Stall V2'? - (Or indeed know the filename so i can see if SC china did its thing for simcity herritage) - I am after the props as much as the actual lots (although the lots would be fab too) so if anyone knows if these are actually in some other prop pack, a pointer to which prop pack would be lovely. Link to kazuki's old page so you can see a picture of what i'm talking about: http://klex.blog85.fc2.com/blog-entry-10.html?sp
  22. Brittlegulch again! Queen ...
  23. Best way to do this is to make the texture for a certain element in a seperate program and than uv map accordingly. You can than copy that uv mapped element around in Blender. So texture first, than uvmap.
  24. Another suggestion I could think of is that should we have a minimum nominees per award? Like at least three (number subject to debate) nominations for Trixie CJ Best CJ otherwise the award will not be given.
  25. Saw the actual vehicle, merging wouldn't work indeed for the headlamp. My solution would be, extrude the face to the interior, then select those inner faces scale them 0 around X or Y vertically so they will be aligned
  26. I recently had to re-install Firefox and solved most of my problems. Except that "Post reply" box now speaks french. I prefer english of course.
  27. You really don't want to be curious about A....... It caused a bit of unpleasantness and resulted in any post and/or topic that mentioned it having to be deleted from this site, and I would rather it stayed than way ...... Obviously I'm no longer a member of the RTMT team so I can't comment re the delay, I know it does have NWM stations because I spend quite a few weeks creating the stations signs (models) for all the NWM stations and still have 79 FSH files sitting in a folder on the computer. Anyway I think before a moderator turns up and points out that this is a NAM topic and not anything to do with the RTMT, we should probably go back to letting people put in their requests for the NAM -catty
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