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  2. Hi Mary, The NAM avenue roundabouts are really only designed to be connected to with other avenues. For road connections (single-tile networks; OWR is also in this boat), you should use either the road roundabouts (max 4 connections, at each corner, drag the road out in a 2x2 square), or the OWR roundabout (drag in the correct direction--counter clockwise if your Sims drive on the right--in a 3x3 square with a hollow middle; max 5 connections, and with the OWR roundabout you can plop a road tile in the middle to autoplace a fountain if you don't have something else you'd like there). As for the Avenue roundabout, I think the only place that single tile connections are supported are orthogonal connections made at the "corners" of the roundabout (where you might otherwise lead off a diagonal avenue connection). There are turbo roundabout puzzle pieces also available in the road menus, primarily for NWM networks (max 4 connections), but those are a little bit more specialized in application. As a final option, the NAM supports a truncated transition, where you can lead off the roundabout with a one-tile avenue stub, and then drag a road into the end of it; a shortened version of the road-avenue transition will show up, preserving the roundabout's shape (no deconverting) and also eliminating the need for an avenue network where you otherwise wouldn't need one. Haljackey, IIRC, does this a lot with his roundabouts.
  3. The Elephant Kashimashi (エレファントカシマシ) - "Tomodachi ga Iru no sa"「友達がいるのさ」 ("I Have Friends!?") Cubist Miyaji.
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  5. challenge upload

    @nycsc4 ... This file should only include the texture and lot files - due to copyright reasons I have to link to anything that is not mine (the stadium in this case). I'm not sure what you mean by the "invisible KS file." On the OneDrive, there is a button for KS_AllianzArena 15x12 which once downloaded, will give a *.7z file. If you're using the default windows extractor, it may be a problem (not sure if it can handle 7zip files or not), but something like winrar should unzip it just fine. The .desc and .model files you need will be right there. Let me know if that's not working for you.
  6. Update 4 - Horgos Oil was discovered up the Chelsea River, so a new town sprung up to provide the oil workers a place to live without having to drive all the way from Chelsea (though, some of them do). The Grand Circle: Satellite view: Another aerial shot:
  7. So i downloaded the installer of CAM and opened it but it says it cant find the SimCity 4 Installation path, i installed SimCity 4 correctly and the install path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe, it is installed correctly but it seems like it can't find the installation path, tried reinstalling but the problem still occurs
  8. Thanks for taking the time! Hopefully.. some people will take this as a first step into the modding world! Thanks a lot!
  9. challenge upload

    Hi there, quick question. I just downloaded this stadium but it doesn't seem to work. I am missing the "a" and "b" files. The main download here only includes the texture and lot files. The one drive only has the invisible "KS" file. Let me know if you can help. Thanks.
  10. First off, thanks to everyone for the likes and support on my Myrtos Beach/Cephalonia pics. The updates are coming eventually, but it's taking quite a bit longer than I originally expected. In the mean time, I've been working on getting a couple of older updates ready for release. First up is Patagonia - it's just about done so expect to see it soon in my CJ. Here's a small teaser of what's to come: The Pan-American Highway.. with a couple of South America's most famous animals. Stunning fall colors in Tierra del Fuego. Rio Pinturas Canyon, Argentina.
  11. A regular of The Moose Factory Bar & Grill. TekindusT
  12. In this tutorial, we will create a basic mod in two different ways: With a simple text editor, and with the Visual Studio IDE. Cities: Skylines uses the Unity Engine, which is based on Mono, an open source implementation of the .NET framework that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. That means the same code can be used on all of these platforms. The .NET framework is comparable to Java. It's basically a set of libraries and a virtual machine that runs your .NET applications. C# is the most common programming language that can be used to create .NET applications and libraries. It's very similar to Java (just better!). After writing your mod in C#, you have to compile it to create machine readable code. Cities: Skylines comes with an integrated compiler. It works like this: [.cs files containing raw C# code] → [COMPILER] → [compiled .dll file] The .dll file is your compiled mod (what you usually download from the Workshop). Alternatively, your can use an external compiler like the one provided by Visual Studio (see Method 2). Method 1: Using Notepad, let the game compile First we will create a mod with the tools provided by the game. The game searches for mod source folders in the directory C:\Users\<YourName>\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Mods. In this folder, create a new directory named "FirstMod". Inside of the new directory, create another folder named "Source". That's the directory for the .cs files Open Notepad (or your favourite text editor) and enter this code: // Makes UnityEngine and Cities: Skylines API classes available for use using ICities; using UnityEngine; // the namespace makes the names of your classes unique. // Naming: You can just use the name of your mod, it doesn't really matter. Spaces are not allowed. namespace Tutorial { // This defines a class that implements IUserMod. // The class defines the name and description displayed in the content manager. // The game searches for these classes. Every working mod must contain one class implementing IUserMod. // Naming: Just append "Mod" to the name of your mod, like "NetworkSkins" -> "NetworkSkinsMod". Spaces are not allowed. public class MyFirstMod : IUserMod { // this defines the title of your mod displayed in content manager public string Name { get { return "My First Mod"; } } // this defines the description of your mod displayed in content manager public string Description { get { return "Hello World, this is my first mod!"; } } } } (Lines starting with "//" are comments. You can add your own or remove them without affecting anything.) Save the file in the "Source" directory. Name it FirstMod.cs (in the file type dropdown, select "All Files"). Now just start your game. The game compiles your mod on start up. You will find it in the content manager: You will also notice a new .dll file in your mod directory. That's your compiled mod: So far we didn't add functionality to the mod. It only spawns the item in content manager. The big problem of Notepad and the game compiler is that it is hard to find errors in your code. You will have to restart your game many times. That's where Visual Studio comes into play... Method 2: Using Visual Studio (recommended) Visual Studio is a specialized IDE for C#/.NET development. It helps you to find errors in your code, and it autocompletes code statements for you, and it compiles your mod much faster than the game. It is also a requirement for advanced modding techniques like detours. The following tutorials will be based on Visual Studio. First of all, download and install Visual Studio Community 2017 for free. Make sure that the .NET desktop development feature is checked. Also enable the individual component .NET Framework 3.5 development tools. Create a new project in VS2017: Select File > New > Project On the left, select Templates > Visual C# > .Net Standard Select "Class Library (.NET Standard)" In the top, select ".NET Framework 3.5" in the dropdown menu (Important!) In the bottom, enter "SecondMod" as the name and solution name. and choose a location for your project files (e.g. your desktop) Press OK Visual Studio will create a project that looks like this: On the right, you can see the Solution Explorer with a list of .cs files. Visual Studio created a file named Class1.cs to get us started. If you want, you can rename the .cs file to match your mod name (Right click in solution explorer > Rename). Before we continue, we have to set up two things in the project. You always have to do it when you create a new mod project: First, we will add the modding API (ICities), UnityEngine, ColossalFramework and the game assembly (Assembly-CSharp) as dependencies. In the solution explorer, right click the "Dependencies" item and select "Add reference..."). Now use the "Browse..." button in the bottom to select the following .dll files. The files are located in the folder: Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Cities_Data\Managed Secondly, we will add a so-called post build script: It automatically puts the compiled dll file into the C:SL mod directory when you compile with Visual Studio: Right-click your project in the Solution Explorer and choose Properties Select Build Events on the left hand side of the property sheet Paste the following in the Post-build event command line: mkdir "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Mods\$(SolutionName)" del "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Mods\$(SolutionName)\$(TargetFileName)" xcopy /y "$(TargetPath)" "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Mods\$(SolutionName)" Now we are finally ready for the creation of the actual mod. Replace the contents of Class1.cs with this code: using ICities; using UnityEngine; namespace Tutorial { public class MySecondMod : IUserMod { public string Name { get { return "My Second Mod"; } } public string Description { get { return "I made this with VS2017"; } } } } Press F6 (or Build > Build Solution) to compile the mod. The mod should appear in your mod directory. Now start the game and enjoy the listing of your useless mod in content manager
  13. The weather for the Memorial Day weekend is rainy and stormy here, so we'll have our picnic inside. Sandwiches- nay, subs for all! Let's add some pasta salad and potato salad, but I hate coleslaw so none of that. Also, if you want mayonnaise, you're out of luck. I shot the mayo delivery man...
  14. Hello everyone, I'm want to install Fedora 25 because my elementary OS has inconvenient problems, like can't execute shell script with launcher and more. But, I worry about my Intel HD Graphics 3000 that's embedded on my 2nd gen-Core i5 (the spec is similiar with 2011 13-inch MacBook Pro). Is my graphics card detected normally on Fedora 25 with the official Intel driver? Also, if the driver was installed, can I play SimCity 4 with Wine and DirectX properly? Thank you.
  15. Three more: Texaco Sunoco Crown
  16. @AsimPika3172 Thank you, glad you enjoyed it
  17. Yesterday
    Great first BAT! I do have a couple of suggestions: 1) The base could use some added detail. You could use planters, more trees, newspaper stands, etc... to spruce up the grounds. 2) The roof needs a little more work. The details are not very crisp. I would add some texture to the roof and a few more props. 3) Study other BATter's work to see what details they have added to their BATs to make them great. A few suggestions would be Mattb325, Madhatter, Aarron Grahm, SimGobber...plus many others. Overall, a great job on your first BAT. I gave you 5/5. Looking forward to further creations from you. Keep up the good work.
  18. Wow... it took me 4 hours to realize where I had seen these I must be getting sloppy Go fetch; http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3498
  19. Your wish came true!! CO giving back to those that put in.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    The MGM Tower (Constellation Place), is a tower of 35 floors, located in Century City, Los Angeles, CA. Built in 2003, for years it served as headquarters of the Golden Metro (MGM) until 2011, currently is home to Houlihan Lokey, ICM Partners and International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC). About the Model: My first BAT and belongs to a Sketchup model, with its minor modifications. * Does not count on night light. *Monument * Photo faces I hope you like my first model, it is a bit bago but I hope to improve, I would like your criticism and observations, agradesco to "Diego del Llano" for its tips. Greetings and enjoy. Model sourced from the 3D Warehouse, created by Google Geo Models.
  21. Thx lost_gecko, i got the same thoughts about the road and the depth of the water - have to try this out ... i assume somewhat about 3m deep should make the trick. I have two issues first issue: do i have to set the pivot point in the Model at water level (bottom of the boat < 0)? second one : i want make two version of the houseboat - one "low Detail" with windows like each building - get a picture of glas and set the spec map to full reflect. so this one will be "easy" But i want also make a "High Detail" Version with "real" Glas and some Furniture into the Boat *simple ones* like this preview: i want this one really nice looking - particular at night with lights in the Houseboat. My question is about the Windows - as you see - this boat has a hughe windowfront ... and i want the illusion of glas. I saw the Apple Store Fifth Avenue from ronyx - so it is possible - i remeber that has something to do with the used shader. Also i want to ask if it is possible to get a colored glas - a slightly blue or brown glass like in modern buildings? thank you for any help/hint/suggestion just found ronxy video on the Stor creation. It seems there is a video for each important modding question from ronxy anyway - thank you - i will try it out
  22. In SC2013 you cannot make your own maps. I also think that no new maps are available other than what was provided with the game. This was a huge sore spot when the game was first released.
  23. WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN WEST: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- Just a few pictures, today (worn out from plopping all those rocks!). Over in the southwest quarter of the city, I decided I needed a High Tech Industrial Park. Nothing really fancy, but enough to encourage the "McMansions" to grow in the desired neighborhoods and to boost the income level of the working class. Everything is kind of scattered about rather than in the traditional row configuration -- plenty of green spaces and MMP work between lots -- and all the lots are trimmed out with various filler lots for realism. In an effort to cut down on the possibility of clogging my roads with freight trucks, I decided on a nice little rail yard. Made sure I made plenty of space to park switch engines, empty cars, and room for freighted cars waiting for an east bound engine. Note the large sandy area south of the sidings. Yet another effort to avoid plopping trees -- they become quite boring after a while. Unfortunately, the freight depot is not functioning at full capacity -- but only stops about half the outbound freight!! Sooooo -- I have a string of heavy freight trucks headed across the city and clogging Lakeshore Drive to get to a northern exit. Go figure -- ! Just across the street I've got a small, improvised container freight yard to assist with distribution. This is largely composed of modular lots from NBVC's container port kit along with several of my own filler lots. On the east end of the zone is a small wetland wedged between a road and the tracks. Due to the poor location, it has pretty much been left to it's own devices.
  24. Really good pictures, @simmytu! May I ask you about the link to the chateau-like building in the upper picture?
  25. You work fast!
  26. Amazing builds, gatakos & Lost_Gecko! I love seeing how the entire community has improved so much since I became inactive in 2015. Btw @Lost_Gecko which of the assets in the picture did you create?
  27. @thirstydeer - welcome to the world of custom content There are 4 tilesets in the game (the game has to be either "SC4 Deluxe" or "SC4" + "Rush Hour" expansion pack, the very basic game won't allow custom content to be used) which you can use to control what types of buildings are grown. The four tilesets are: Houston/New York/Chicago and Euro. If you don't change these settings, as a default, all tilesets are on, and the game builds from one tileset only every 5 game years. By selecting only the Euro tileset, you will give these buildings the greatest chance to grow . There is a little bit of further discussion here: Additionally, to get a 6x6 zone easily in the game, press and hold the CTRL key while zoning the commercial zone to count out a square 6 tiles each side.
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