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  2. How do you place harbors and such, parallel to the coast shore instead of being perpendicular? I mean to save space instead of building extra large rivers.
  3. New: Discord Chat for Simtropolis

    Oh man, this is getting ridiculous! look here: Punch save, nothing. Punch Synchronize Now, nothing. The hell with it. Another thread I don't need. Don't even bother answering this, but thanks for your help.
  4. Matias93 Unexpected Mod Workshop

    It's good to see someone writing scripts. I worked on something similar for the backup, but it turned out everyone was scared to death of batch files and so it went nowhere. (CoriBacks.Bat - A Little Tool) You might find the naming by date and time useful for consecutive backups tho there is a slight bug with the leading 0 for time. @RandyE gave me a link to a workaround, but I didn't bother to continue due to lack of interest. If any of it's useful, feel free to adapt any of it to your project. And if none is helpful, that's fine too.
  5. How many jobs (both commerical and industrial) are needed? Looking at the Job and Pop chart, it seems the no. of jobs available are much lower than the residential pop. Would that be a problem?
  6. Earliest Sim City Memory...

    I posted a comment about 3 years ago, but I'd like to redo it and add onto it. Back in 2005 I was about 11 years old. My family recently bought the new high end Dell Dimension 3000. $1000 computer at the time. Serious power. We picked up the computer from the local UPS shipping office 10 days before Christmas. My brother being the tech guy that he was set it up and we all created accounts. Christmas approaches and my mom gifts me SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition for Christmas. I remember installing that game, playing it for 12-14 hours that day until my parents kicked me off it and told me to go to bed. Although my cities never prospered and always went bankrupt I knew that I could somehow complete a city and make it last. I went through the tutorial at least 7-8 times. Still couldn't figure it out. So I start browsing the web for cheat codes. I just so happen to find Simtropolis in 2008ish and start downloading all these mods and installing the "Radical RCI" mod. That made my gaming experience 10x easier! I played SimCity 4 all the way up until they started hyping up SimCity 2013. At that moment I knew I had to buy that game. I waited the night of the release and waited, and waited, and waited...you get the point. I was very disappointed with that release and eventually that game, but thankfully I still had SimCity 4 to hop back on! Almost 13 years later. I still have the original disks and gaming manual. Although that old beautiful desktop is sitting downstairs collecting dust. Wait, I guess not. We just got rid of it about a year ago after sitting downstairs for 3 years. Now that I have built my own high end desktop that beautiful SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition icon sits there waiting for me to play. Thank you Maxis (and I guess EA) for making such a great game that lasted over a decade that I still love to play and enjoy.
  7. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    by the way, I did a little script to do this from a batch file (so you can use a desktop launcher instead of the original one), but has some extra elements that maybe not everybody would want to use. Tell me what is useful: @ECHO OFF ::Script for running SC4 and saving a backup of an specifical region 0.2 beta:: ::(cc)2017. matias93. CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 international. ::please post improvements on http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/70802-matias93-unexpected-mod-workshop/ ::Creates a backup of the unmodified region on a safe place 7z a -t7z "D:\docs\Documentos\SC4 Stuff\Backups\Ciudad del Lago-current.7z" "D:\docs\Documentos\SimCity 4\Regions\Ciudad del Lago\*" ::activates the Secure Drive driver sc start secdrv ::starts the game "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -f -CustomResolution:enabled -r1366x768x32 -Intro:off -gp -CPUCount:1 -sound:off ::game is running ::when game is closed, stops Secure Drive sc stop secdrv Obviously, the first thing to change would be the backup process, which needs seven zip to run, and points to my region currently
  8. Today
  9. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    I suppose that makes sense but I think I'd rather deal with the longer load times. But hey, now the lots can be added in and they can become starter packs. I miscommunicated that. I still think permission should be gotten for a bugfix pack. What I meant is that putting all of the bugfixes in one download is something that pretty much everyone would agree is a good idea, and it only involves a handful of mods and people so it's not complicated to organize. Plus some of the bugfixes are things like the opera house fix which is just increasing the capacity of the opera house which someone could remake if needed. But other content packs involve way more people, a bunch of debates about standardization, how much standardization/remastering should take place, how big the packs should be, which content should go in which packs, what the themes of the packs should be, and a million different issues.
  10. It's the northwestern corner of a big tile with a lot of development? Have you noticed lastly that some props (trees, lampposts, traffic lights, urban mobiliary, etc) is dissapearing in some other place of the city? Definitely what you have there is some sort of data corruption on the city tile file, but I wouldn't say for sure is the prop pox, as there is no telling sign. I would recommend you to check the tile file with the SC4 Save to look for 'disabled props' on the Props entry. Take it as an experiment for now. Also, I'll change the title to something more descriptive, ok?
  11. Sims screaming on a corner of the city tile

    I won't say the dreaded two word name, but I suspect you have a much deeper problem than just bulldozing and zoning will alleviate. Make a backup copy of your region into another folder as the first step. Next check the exact file size of that city (the number that's the exact bytes, not the kb number). Open the city. Do nothing in the city. Save the city. Exit the city. Check the file size. If they are different then there's a tool you'll want to get and have it take a deeper look.
  12. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    Fair point.
  13. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    but you know, when you say that both sides won or lost, or that both are bad or good, you are basically saying nothing. It's like participation trophies...
  14. PLEX on the STEX - Community Support

    Add my vote too. Anyone who has the discs could do this.
  15. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    He condemned both uhh, many sides though.
  16. Sims screaming on a corner of the city tile

    There's nothing there. I've bulldozed it and dezoned all around the blank area.
  17. PLEX on the STEX - Community Support

    Thanks everyone! Well I started to redownload the stuffs from LEX and some essential stuffs from STEX aswell, whatever. I "finished" updateing the links. I decided to upload the whole set into one zip, and in the main zip folder there will be all the parts of the set into separate folders with the pictures and readmes, and I make a new readme file which contains all the dependencies in one place. BUT I ran into a little problem. One of the dependencies ponts to a no-more-existing file - Don Miguels CSX Pier Mall. It used to be on the STEX and according to this forum topic over at SC4D this file was part of the first STEX Collection and then it disappeared for good... Or so. A guy did put a google drive link into that forum topic several years ago, but I really don't know in this case what should be the feasible solution. Obviously my vote for the reupload of that file either here or onto the LEX... So I'm waiting for the decision and after that I upload the Cruise Port Set, since it's ready! - Tyberius
  18. Can anyone tell me just what the heck is going on with these sims? I wish I knew how to take a video (with sound) to better illustrate their actions, but I will try to describe. When you first open the city (It's a completely developed city humming along.), and zoom into this one corner; as you zoom in the sims are flowing in from the edges so apparently from two adjacent city tiles (possible 3, it is a four corners region). They are running and screaming and then form this semi-circle. There is plenty of movement, pushing and shoving in this curved line with screams and cries of anguish. Sometimes someone gets pushed off the edge or jumps. It never stops. Have my sims lost their minds? Is it lemming season? Anyone ever see this behavior? Have I found an easter egg? I don't think it is affecting the game but it is weird. John
  19. nobody??? knows why it happens? T_T EDIT: Found the solution/fix. (cause: Pivot not exactly at 0) For anyone interested there are 2 ways to fix it. Make your your mesh pivot is at 0 x,y,z in your 3d program. You can also enable the in game editor options of "bottom-center pivot". to correct any issue. I know its a dumb issue lol, i cant believe i forgot this was the solution >_<. Anyways hope it helps someone someday
  20. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    By supporting the alt-right and condemning counterprotesters, The D'ump has alienated more republicans, galvanized Democrats & progressives, and reduced his base to the Alt-right. The day before that, his approval rating was sitting at 35%, the next poll will show us how many racist conservatives there are in the USA.
  21. Tour of Africa: Introduction

  22. SimCity 4 Is Still Great

    I really like SC4, and as my pc can not install a new one ... .-.
  23. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    The starter pack would be a good place to start, and it might demonstrate whether going further is feasible.
  24. AON Center

    Thanks for sharing !!
  25. Welcome!

    i sort of had a hunch!
  26. British Airways | A380-800 | LHR

    Another trivia point which I forgot to mention, as you can see from the front, the aircraft is G-XLEA, the first A380 delivered to BA back in 2013.
  27. Welcome!

    I do. That's one of the sources I said they "educated" me
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