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  2. @Judazzz, this might be a little off-topic, but is it possible to prohibit street parking only on a particular street type, or if not, is this something you could either make a mod for, or incorporate into some existing mod? The reason I ask is because I use the 2-cell ped road a lot in parking lots or for creating driveways for businesses or as the road for apartment complexes, etc., but cars insist on parking on the side, even in places where it makes no sense for what it's supposed to be.
  3. @TekindusT Okay , now I'm confused . Is the runway in the image photo edited in or is that a FA runway ? If that is photo edited in you did a nice job . I have RMIP installed and am blown away with all of the stuff within it . It is like NAM strictly for airports though .
  4. Yeah sounds more like him than our illustrious @Cyclone Boom. I once asked a question and that Clone one made me drill down thru like a hundred nested hidden content boxes to get my answer!
  5. this is something so complex I can't even begin to comprehend it.
  6. Wait... You did it? I was sure it was @CloneBoom
  7. My apologies, here's what happened: After @Yarahi's initial edit, I noticed the file had an updated release date in the versioning. This is unfortunately a limitation of the site's software, and there is no option for a 'silent' edit. Trying to remove this message (which indicated a new version had been released), I unwillingly reverted the file, meaning the changes Yarahi made were lost and overwritten. I read through this thread and tried to fix back the links from the info here (the Google cache hadn't updated yet). Somehow I didn't notice I duplicated the MTP dependency. I let Yarahi know, and after @Compdude787 pointed out my amateur mistake, I fixed the duplicate and removed the super resource. Yarahi suitably swapped the SPAM dependency with the resource pack. So really a comedy of errors on my part. But all's well that ends well, and I think we got there in the end... Next time I'll leave the moderating to the moderators.
  8. Thanks ! 1. That's possible, I'm going to check for it 2. I didn't add LOD on platforms on purpose, so when you zoom out they "vanish", it was easier to arrange train stops without the platforms, i guess it was a bad idea. For the front face I just got lazy and had exams meanwhile, I wanted to finish it ASAP. I might update logo and front face LOD at the same time 3. I will see that one Expect an update soon PS: I also fell in love with Amsterdam station, DAT TEXTURE WORK *drool* How did you manage get them ?
  9. I have a problem with my beaches too , Terring absolutely has the right way to obtain beautiful beaches . Yeah , MMPs and a good water mod and you're in business . The problem with my beaches are that they have no sand , they seem to be paved with brick . I guess something in my plugins just don't want to play nicely .
  10. Thanks. And my plugins are mostly the terrain stuff, a couple of mods I made myself for income, and the MCP water treatment. While it's all still new to me I'm having fun with minimal addons. In time I'm sure I'll use more.
  11. Your station looks awesome. Great job on the textures, I especially like the lettering on the front. Also, your pedestrian paths are crazy! Compared to yours, mine were a walk in the park. I noticed a few technical issues with the station. 1. I've subbed all your props and there is still an error saying the union station logo is missing. Does your asset refer to your local version instead of the workshop one? 2. The auto generated lod on the main building and the platforms looks pretty bad. You should consider adding custom lods 3. There's some grass showing through the building. If you pave the plot under the station this should go away. Again, the station looks great. I know how much work it must have been.
  12. I've been looking at the last two images for a couple images and I can't help but notice how nice it looks. good to see you finally using some plugins.
  13. It's not related to any type of file, moreover packing files helps improve the loading times of the game. Why? Well, it's actually nothing to do with SC4, but a result of how Hard Disks handle data. So if you copy a very large file from one drive to another, that will be much quicker than copying the same amount of data, but in many smaller files. This is because there is much less work for your computer to do. Typical "spinning disk" based drives also need to seek out a space to put/read data, much like a Cassette, it can't read/write just anywhere, it needs to find a given point of the disk before it can do so. With multiple files, they may not be located in the same area of the disk, resulting in more time needed to seek the data. In practise, hard drives are very quick at this, like a CD, you don't notice a delay when skipping a track, but the drive/laser does have to do this in practise. Find your plugins folder, right click it and select properties. Windows will tell you how many files and folders you have for SC4 mods, I suspect it's a lot, many thousands, possibly 10's of thousands. So whilst it's quick to seek out one file, with so many, it creates a lot of work for your hard drive to do. SC4 needs to index your entire plugins folder the first time you start the application. So it must find each one of those files and read from them. DAT-Packing them makes this operation more efficient, since the drive has to seek less files and can read the data quicker. In the same way, use of an SSD speeds up the process, because they are much quicker at accessing data than regular hard disks are. In fact, sometimes so much so, that most of the benefit of DAT-Packing is made redundant. Especially since how SSDs work can make handling lots of small files almost as efficient as a few larger ones. The real problem with DAT Packing is load order. If you have things that need to load after each other, but they all get packed into the same file, that can quickly cause problems. When DAT Packing, files with duplicate IDs are overwritten based on the load order of the files you are packing. But if you are not careful, you may find things don't work as expected. This is why it's not recommended to DAT-pack the NAM for example. There is also a limit to the size of a DAT-packed file, after which they tend not to work correctly. I think generally speaking files of between 100-200MB in size are probably optimal.
  14. Talking about flat ... a long while back when I was working years ago . A truck driver told me that if you flattened out West Virginia , it would be as big as Texas .
  15. best never sleep again just to be safe. hehe.
  16. Yeah , that track does have a dark and eerie sound to it . I hope I don't have nightmares now .
  17. Yesterday
  18. Dirt Road = RHW, it's nothing to do with either the SAM dirt roads or Dirt Road mod by PEG. Basically, we can not add new networks into the game, we can only override existing networks. The one exception to this was Dirt Road, because this was an unused network left behind by Maxis, so whilst you won't see it in the vanilla game, everything for it to work exists behind the scenes. It's this network that was used to make RHW, without it, there would be no RHW. RHW has evolved a lot in a short space of time. Without diminishing all the work that happened beforehand, from NAM 32 to today it's a totally different animal. Not only much easier to use, but vastly more stable and with many more possibilities. Check out the link in my signature "How to: RHW - Basic Diamond Interchange using Flex Pieces". That should give you a glimpse of how easy you can now make basic interchanges. MHO is something I like to think of as "My first RHW". That's because the basic network is pretty much MHO with a new look. But, the interchanges are based on just a few prefab pieces, which if you like can be integrated into the MIS system from RHW to make much more complex layouts. If you want to make better looking, more realistic interchanges, MHO is a no-brainer. But, if you are looking for simple plop and done interchanges, I'd stick with MHY. In any case, there is no harm in trying it out, you can always revert back if you don't like it.
  19. A small random screen
  20. Strikes me the server is offline where the API needs to run from. I'm not sure if this project ever made it to a proper usable release. Frankly an automated dependency checker would be a sort of holy grail around these parts. Sadly, 14 years of mods without any real index makes the reality of such a project daunting to say the least.
  21. The mostly rural city of Doswell This is from my old Right Hand Drive region. This one is on my old computer somewhere. I've not played this one in years. that and Florida , Florida is the flattest state in the USA. I've got friends that live out in Nebraska , I hope to go out there and visit there someday on my way to visiting some friends in Denver.
  22. Here lately , I've been viewing some Youtube videos about metal detecting and gold prospecting . I like watching the Youtube videos , those are average people . You know , no scripts and still get to learn something . I like metal detecting , it is a great hobby and you never know what you might find . Now the gold prospecting looks very interesting to me , but no reports of gold being found here where I live . I think I may still have a go at it in a couple streams and creeks around my area just for s***s and giggles . Panning looks easy enough , whats to taking a couple scoops of dirt and swishing it about and rinsing out the lighter material . Who knows , something interesting may pan out .
  23. @LittleMac But the ability to select specific platforms with Multi-Track Station Enabler doesn't work. MTSE hasn't been updated to work with MOM.
  24. I would do the same minus the pink floyd, in the past I have added some Metroid Prime music to my game felt it was quite fitting. Thinking about adding some Metroid Prime music to my current installation as well as some music from Donkey Kong County 1 , 2 and 3 .
  25. Prophet has fufilled the prophecy Metarvo is scheduled to be next.
  26. I have heard this one before, but since it is region music I usually don't listen to the whole thing. However, I do sometimes listen to all the SC4 tracks while I'm at work. SC4 is one of the few games that I actually like the majority of the music. I have also added all the SC3000 music and a few Pink Floyd songs to my SC4 game.
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