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      When President Obama first proposed his Clean Power Plan back in August, it was a bit of a surprise in San Antonio, Texas, when what looked to be our own local CPS Energy coal-fired J. T. Deely Station was used by CNN as their background icon for a polluting coal plant during their reporting.  More importantly, then-Governor Rick Perry and now current Texas Governor Greg Abbott vowed to sue the Obama Administration (and also the EPA, but primarily Obama) to stop his tyrannical overreach and save Texas jobs. Ironically, CPS Energy executives here publically opined that the lawsuit for them was meaningless because CPS Energy had already planned and budgeted to meet new power plant emission standards anyway.  The retirement of the coal-burning Deely Station was 4-years ago accelerated to 2018, 15-years earlier than originally scheduled.  CPS Energy decided in 2011 that rather than spend $3 billion (with $550 million per unit for scrubbers) retrofitting to upcoming EPA standards an outdated coal plant first built in 1977, they would rather invest their money in solar power and natural gas plants.  A gas-burning plant at Rio Nogales in Seguin was purchased in 2012 to offset the closure of Deely, and with another gas plant at Summit in Odessa, San Antonio is not expected to need another power plant until 2024.  The state also spent $7 billion to construct transmission lines to connect wind power farms in West Texas to the state's central urban centers, and CPS is further looking to finally tapping the natural gas deposits of the nearby Eagle Ford shale, the gas of which currently is simply being flared off at the oil fracking well sites, but which could cheaply be routed to Rio Nogales and even a reopened Deely repurposed for natural gas.  Nuclear power was CPS's initial plan, but the expansion of the South Texas Project nuclear plant with TEPCO came to a halt after both the disaster at Fukushima spooked the populace and Toshiba's revealed reactor unit cost estimates sparked fiscal alarm.  Still, after beatings by environmental activists at every facet, CPS had now already done the heavy work to meet the new standards meant to achieve full effect in 2030, expecting to bringing significant cuts to their own emissions far ahead of schedule and before either the State of Texas or the EPA have even drafted their own detailed schedules for individual plants and operators.  "Dirty Deely," our oldest and dirtiest coal plant, will be the first coal plant in Texas retired. CPS Energy executive's message to Texas leaders was to stop wasting time fighting these political battles when the issue for us is now already moot.  Why fuss and spend state resources creating implementation roadblocks and financial uncertainties when we can already be ahead of the issue?  Whether the Supreme Court now freezes implementation of the Clean Power Plan while the Republican states' lawsuit makes it way up the system will not change the forward investments CPS had already made in improving local air quality, and San Antonio was given the rare sight of watching energy executives on local television recommend to state leaders that they back off.  Just do it, be done with it, and move on.  Besides, Texas is not a coal state--we are a leader in oil, natural gas, solar power, and even wind power--the Clean Power Plan is actually to our benefit in what we can sell to other states.  Even Europe is looking to wean themselves off an unpredictable Russia by potentially buying CNG from South Texas...we burn off so much of the stuff that the flares from the rigs at night light up an area larger than the San Antonio-Austin urban corridor.  All that light is actually power and money just being freely burned off into the air. Nope, the issue in Texas is pure bogeyman politics of opposing the Evil of Obama, which now guarantees and is even a prerequisite for Republican elections.  Ironically, even if the Clean Power Plan is ultimately stopped in the next year or by the next White House administration, the work in anticipation of it will for us have already been accomplished and its goals at this local level already achieved.  The coming closure of the oldest and dirtiest coal plant South Texas, the diversification of our regional energy sources and industries, less mercury and other ash toxins and pollutants in our air, and, despite higher CPS municipal rates, the least expensive energy costs in the U.S.  ...Thanks Obama!      
    • Crash to Desktop? Look here first.
      I've been having crashing problems, but it's specific to only one city.  I click on it, it takes a while to load, and then the city appears.   A few seconds later, the game crashes.  I can see where I last left off, but only for a few seconds.  All of my other cities work well and never crash.  
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      woah i thought it looks like esplanade for a moment!