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    • I like your roads @Bad Peanut because they're realistic and often found in cities around the world. They would be a nice addition to the game.
      On the other hand they are pretty dangerous for cyclist and i hope all real life examples will be replaced in the next years.
    • Wow. Actually I'm rather surprised how much depth that sunken part - in combination with the antenna mast - added to the roof. There seem to be some dark smudges under the railing in some places, though - could this be the consequence of overlapping geometry? I also think the ladder is too wide - it looks as if it was a good metre wide in reality. Half the width would do, I guess. The railing looks great, however, and so does the antenna mast! You could even add some guy ropes to it, and you'll already have even more detail. This image could serve as a general inspiration. Then again, such a lattice structure could also do without maybe. Regarding the modding, I guess I could do that. It's been a while, but I won't have forgotten everything.
    • Works now. Wow - thats so great. Thanks so much.
    • The Maxis PIM and PIM-X (the 3rd Party one) both work in much the same way for creating a prop. I don't mean to keep correcting you, but it's an important distinction, you are NOT making a building into a prop, you are making a model into a prop, even if the model itself is a building like a house, a model doesn't have to be a building, it can be anything. Load the models you need when starting either application (if the Maxis one, ensure it's in the root folder Plugins, NOT a subfolder). Find the model under Models, then drag it over to "Prop" on the left side to create a Prop exemplar (usually creating an SC4Desc file). Note that in PIM-X you have many more options here, but you probably want to use "PropOrdinary Prop/No Wealth" for something like this.