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    After Dark - Dev Diary #1

    By Dirktator,

    Cities: Skylines - After Dark reveals completely reasonable price

    By Dirktator,

    Cities: Skylines "After Dark" Expansion Announced (24th September Release)

    By Cyclone Boom,

    Cities: Skylines patch 1.1.1b is out

    By Dirktator,

    EndCiv: A post-apocalyptic city builder

    By star-lord-bucks,

    TheoTown - A city-building game app for Android

    By Pedjica,

    DotCity, a futuristic city builder, minimalist in style, massive in size.

    By nathan@dotcitythegame,

    SimCity 4 is 78% off on Steam!

    By Dirktator,

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    • Guess Who's Next V2
      By philforhockey51 · Posted
      I was late too Lets try again HiHi MushyMushy
    • 3 word story
      By Wiimeiser · Posted
      immolated and exploded
    • Modular canals
      By merc187 · Posted
      There was a guy on Simtropolis a few months back who I had seen started a project like this.  I never heard anymore from him and I think he disappeared so I dunno if that ever got any progress/released.  It would be very cool to get static pieces you could plop and then route water through to fill them.
    • Oversized growables
      By merc187 · Posted
      @‌wallacet -  I made this:


      Definitely not your convention center but I had the same desire to see more building that had cool roads and stuff go through them.  I have another building in the planning phases where I'd like to do something like the convention center but more of an office building type.
    • I'm just not totally sold, and I want to be
      By Sabretooth78 · Posted
      As one of the so-called SC4 "Luddites", I have to admit I haven't fired either game up in about 3 months (hence my lack of activity around here).  Nothing to do with the game(s) it(them)self, just that it's summer, life is busy, etc. and I finally scratched a long-standing itch to play some Rollercoaster Tycoon (the original, no less)! In a similar vein, I will say that is one of the reasons I prefer to play SC4 - because it is older.  It's more mature and more static.  I wanted to play CSL a few days ago but was turned off by the updates and not knowing the status of the mods, etc.; all my old savegames are probably no good, etc.  Great as the newer features are (tunnels!!!!  night lighting soon!!!!!), it's still kind of frustrating - yet at the same time I don't want to "give up" and just play vanilla.  Historically I used to stay one version behind on releases (Civ is a good example) - it's like how you still get excited even when you buy a used car - "it's new to me" and "let somebody else break it in and take the whack on depreciation." I think that's all I want out of CSL - much as I am technical-minded and love to fiddle with things (you can't have 4 GB of SC4 plugins and not be so inclined, IMHO), I have no interest in dealing with something that is out of my control to fix.  The dust needs to settle, and once CO and Paradox move onto the next big thing, the modders will finish the job; let it refine and mature.  Whether it will do so as gracefully as SC4 has is still just a matter of speculation - just as there's reason to doubt it, there's also no reason to believe it can't.  We simply just cannot know at this point.  (So when CSL2 comes out, I'll probably be sitting here tooting CSL's horn and standing pat.) Right now, baby boomer SC4 is living out its golden years and teenager CSL has things growing here, hair showing up there, and its face is a bit of a mess.
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