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    • List of Occupant Group IDs
      Has anyone created/discovered the list of Occupant Group IDs for modding with iLive Reader? I use iLive Reader for much of my editing Building Exemplars but have to use SC4Tool for touchups. With SC4Tool, you can choose from a list of Occupant Groups, but I've seen the list is incomplete. But in Reader, the Exemplar will show the Occupant Group Name, IF you know the hex ID.   Can someone provide a link? Or upload your list to the Omnibus if it's complete?
    • Network Extensions Project
      Any plans or if it is possible to make a rule that allow bikes in the outer car lanes so bikes can drive in streets that does not have dedicated bike lanes? A shared car and bike lane feature. This is how i work in Denmark at least. Bikes can go in every street except if there are dedicated paths or highway/motorway. 
    • Network Extensions Project
      I don't think there's an easy way to do it but an alternative would be to use the zoned ped road tab.  None of those have parking.  They have lampposts but those can be removed with network skins by boformer.