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    nam Network Addon Mod: Version 33 released for SC4

    By Tarkus,

    CitiesCorp Concept - Check Out The New GamePlay Video

    By Sebaestschn,

    CitiesCorp Concept

    By Sebaestschn,

    After Dark Expansion released for Cities: Skylines!

    By Cyclone Boom,

    important Microsoft releases update, blocks SC4 from starting

    By Cyclone Boom,

    After Dark - Dev Diary #1

    By Dirktator,

    Cities: Skylines - After Dark reveals completely reasonable price

    By Dirktator,

    Cities: Skylines "After Dark" Expansion Announced (24th September Release)

    By Cyclone Boom,

    Cities: Skylines patch 1.1.1b is out

    By Dirktator,

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    • Why Lawyers need close supervision
      By SteveMSim · Posted
      Strange, I thought Muslims, or at least Sunni Muslims, believe that tombs are sacrilegious.  I, however, have known that the Taj Mahal was built as a tomb.
    • NAM 33 (Official Release) Now Available
      By Tarkus · Posted
      We'll have to check on that.  We did have to change the code in the memory patch section to get rid of the problematic boot.ini prompt, so it's possible that the 4GB patch check might have inadvertently been affected by the changes. Oh, and the little workaround you found . . . it's not something we actively promote, but it's there for folks who have a legal copy and are smart enough to figure it out on their own.   We had discussed getting rid of the version check in light of Microsoft's nonsense, but we didn't want to be seen as somehow rewarding piracy, nor did we want a recurrence of the situation where we had one user badger us for two years to "fix" a few issues that Maxis themselves had addressed before the NAM even existed. Also, it's so great to see one of the pioneers of the SC4 modding community back around these parts. -Tarkus
    • Offensive advertising
      By MintberryCrunch · Posted
      ^Ugh, love when one of those comes on while I'm watching TV with my parents -_- 
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