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    • Total Overhaul Mod Thoughts
      Some very good ideas presented here. I'll just note two that stood out that I'd not be that fond of. The first is "It will be impossible to create cities with only high-wealth citizens or only high-density buildings " - why? Making that very challenging is one thing, making it impossible by design though seems like taking away what might be someone's desire \ ultimate challenge, it certainly was mine with many but not all SC4 cities. The second is I think someone mentioned more or less to require a city have industry, that's a mistake in my opinion, plenty of players want to build cities that have little to no industry, as many exist around the world. Not sure I follow the stable\instable state thing entirely. Also a random comment that plays into commerce and light\non-polluting industry of sorts - warehouses. This game needs distribution\cargo warehouses option so that goods can be further pushed out even closer to commerce areas.  I also second the comments about the C in RCI needing to be tweaked to the lower side. It's quite an ambitious project to undertake and one that might be better delayed till updates slow in pace, last thing you want is the ground underneath you changing mid development, then again I'm a bit of pessimist so maybe just ignore that.  It's too bad we don't have a sort of road map from CO that at least hints what's next on their agenda, or any visibility into their own 'wish list' as it would help know what areas might be changing or getting additions in the future. /2cents  
    • Best Picture Competition
      takemethere - 2

      Ln X - 0 Although it's a great scene @Ln X, I'm still not completely sold on CS graphics. SC4 just looks more realistic.
    • [Solicitude] Median Bus Stops
      Thanks for your answer, Edvarz!
      That's an great Idea,and I think (almost) exactly like you, but I think we can do that easier. We already know that Bus Lanes are not possible at this moment (What we have now is "Bus only roads") so we don't have to worry about another traffic, because the only way to do a BRT system is to have a TE lot, which blocks everything except buses. And yes, that's what I'm looking for, an 4 lane transit enabled piece for the station. In real BRT's, we can use that for an capacity boost, from 15000/pass/h/lane to 40000/pass/h/lane, because express, direct and semi-direct services, that cannot be possible with the station in the main lane. Sure, I'll reach NAM Team!