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    • Install Mods & Assets
      Greetings, I've recently installed Cities: Skyline and have been looking around for Mods and Assets and how to install them
      I've managed to install a couple of them, like the All Spaces Unlock and Road Upgrade. Everywhere I read says that the mod file must be placed in the Mods folder (...\Cities Skylines\Mods), which is inside the game folder, but on mine, the way is D:\...\Cities Skylines\Files\Mods.  Every Mod other Mod other then those two I've mentioned won't appear on the Content Manager to be checked or in the game, same goes with Assets, empty list, can't figure it out how to do it!  Can somebody give me a hand on that, please? I have the game for a  week now and haven't played it yet!  Thank You for Your help! 
    • World Affairs
      I'm worried about turkey. In many ways.   The country is straight on it's way into a new turkish facism. And now as HDP gave AKP them a reason to get rid of them, they do not even shriek back to cancel the diplomary immunity to HDP members in parlament so they can charge them with "crimes". Turkey's south sees lots of PKK activity which causes the state media to be full of propaganda. Last but not least: The tourist numbers rapidly decreased during the last year causing a vital part of the country's economy to slowly crash down. Rising debts and numbers of workless people are another ideal help for facism on the rise. Last but not least all theese millions of syrians in the country......
    • BATs by Bipin
      The grunge meistro has returned!