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    • An overview of Cephalonia (click for full size).  
    • Effects can be freely used just like props can, however each one was intended for a specific purpose and may not work optimally for other purposes. I don't see the exact effect you are referring to in LE myself, so I'm guessing this is a 3rd party effect? It's totally possible to create a light cone as an effect, which just acts much like a streetlight but without the lamppost part. Often the best way to find out if something works is simply to test it and see what happens. If you are having problems getting it to work, that's another story altogether, but to help I'd really need to know where I can find said effect to see it for myself.
    • SC4 doesn't really care what format a file is in, it will look at it and if it sees the correct data format, will load the content of the files. Hence it can load and work with files that are Compressed or Zipped (I'm assuming that's what Stuffed means in this context). Some of the third party tools however will not do this, they are specifically looking for the SC4 file types and will ignore all others. In any case, the solution is to de-compress the files should you need to work with them. Typically you can do this with a general purpose utility, 7-zip is the best of it's kind that I know of. But if that's not working, it's possible you must use the same application used to compress the files to de-compress them. If in doubt, I'd look for the original download and start there with a new copy of the files.
    • Add insult to injury: We also have Hurricane Maria on its way to St. Croix and Puerto Rico. Bull's eye directly towards San Juan.

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