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    CitiesCorp Concept - Check Out The New GamePlay Video

    By Sebaestschn,

    CitiesCorp Concept

    By Sebaestschn,

    After Dark Expansion released for Cities: Skylines!

    By Cyclone Boom,

    important Microsoft releases update, blocks SC4 from starting

    By Cyclone Boom,

    After Dark - Dev Diary #1

    By Dirktator,

    Cities: Skylines - After Dark reveals completely reasonable price

    By Dirktator,

    Cities: Skylines "After Dark" Expansion Announced (24th September Release)

    By Cyclone Boom,

    Cities: Skylines patch 1.1.1b is out

    By Dirktator,

    EndCiv: A post-apocalyptic city builder

    By star-lord-bucks,

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    • Rewriting History
      By krbe · Posted
      Allow me to paraphrase: Spare me the victims' feeling. And by extensions, more so the accessory victims' feelings.  Because we don't have a good list of relatively good things the man did. But sure, when discussing campaign trail transportation it is difficult to do away with Hitler merely because of the Second World War and the Holocaust. Or the ascent of Volkswagen, a product of his request for a car for 'a family of five or three men with a machine gun' (and stupid occupational administrators, but that is another story). I await a list of important feats that contributed to the progress of the world courtesy of Mr Hitler. I can, however, inform you that Henry Ford, another virulent antisemite, has a far different reputation owing to his importance for the car and manufacturing industry. While I am a little unsure of what exactly this means, I would like to know if those who cannot accept Mr Wilson's name on a school of international affairs and a mural dedicated to the university president are not feeling personally threatened in their mental security? 
    • Updating other people's assets... what do you think ?
      By krbe · Posted
      It's pretty simple really, and it all cooks down to this: Do not modify and publicise anything someone else made without their permission. Either explicit permission from them, or in the form of a licence. If that licence is a sentence that says "Yes please do whatever you want with this kthxbai!" feel free to do whatever you want with it.
    • Best Picture Competition
      By TekindusT · Posted
      @Hamish, @MilitantRadical; actually there's "nothing" where there are no lights; the surrounding area is extremely hilly and there are only rocks and trees. But nevertheless thanks for the inputs!
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