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    • KOSC's Relot-a-mania
      @Belfastsocrates, @tonyr: Thank you! @nos.17: 1 - Yeah, the grey strip isn't intentional. @rsc204 sent me some replacements and the blending is now much better. The strip is still there, but the effect is much more muted. 2 - Yeah, that was something I was debating over for the longest time when making my initial set of textures. I'm in the same boat as you here - I would've loved rounded endcaps but alas, I didn't actually have any of those pieces on hand. On the other hand, I'm crazy, so I made some. These new textures will be included in the pack. I've also added a few no-marking versions of paths and middle junction pieces - which will give just a little more flexibility in certain situations. This brings the total lot count to a cool 45 - 7 functional pieces and 38 decorative ones. I've also updated and sorted some of the menu icons. LHD version is also complete. Brace for a release soon.
    • Missile Data?
      The missile data, along with jets, and some other fake-automata are particle effects.   The game particle engine understand some sort of programs, not just settings, unfortunately noone reversed them properly yet (something that would be awesome, since they control a wide range of stuff, including some cursors! for example the "circle" when you are using the terrain tools is a particle effect!)   There is a video by some of the SC4 artists where he showcase the particle jets after he designed them.
    • Maps
      Read through some of the Omnibus articles found here and see if something there could help you create your maps.  Be careful with large maps though.  The larger the map the more difficult it will be for SC4 to handle it (remember, it is a 2003 game after all ).