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    • Don't miss the work of NDEX Team! Lots and lots of large skyscrapers on 4x4 Lots!   Made a long time ago but still look very nice. And I consider this 4x4 a plus, as it's easier to plan, while the custom lot sizes used by many BATs during the last few years (5x4, 5x3, 6x3, 6x5, 6x4 etc etc) are a lot harder to use and grow as you need to zone specifically for them (and hope that they will grow and the game won't subdivide the lot), and this in turn requires keeping track of the content you have installed. Can you imagine keeping an Excel sheet of all content you have installed (eg Name, Jobs & Lot Size) and referring to it every time you want to add a zone? No, no, no!!! And I always suggest checking the content you install and fixing it if needed. Here is an example: NDEX Richmand Complex by Superstar Two excellent BATs! (well, the 2nd is actually a shortened version of the 1st one, but still very nice)
      BUT: They are badly modded. The Lot for the A BAT is stage-6! It should definitely be stage-8 instead (obviously the creator wanted to grow more easily). The result is that it grows all over the place, overtaking the whole city. A fix is needed here. The B one could be either stage-8 or stage-7 (with different results in each case); the latter will be upgradeable, and that lower growth-stage is somewhat more in line with the number of jobs and the rest content (ingame or downloaded), but there valid arguments to make it stage-8 too (eg have some smaller buildings too - "final", not upgradable - for "realism; if your city meets the criteria to grow stage-8 lots and demand is high you will be getting the A, if it's softer you will be getting the B one. Also, the aesthetic result will be very nice, if you get the B growing just next to the A). So my suggestion is check out the NDEX skyscrapers, but check how their stats are modded.
    • Old car has turning signals on the bumper.
    • Would I be correct in guessing that it's David Bowie-related?