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    • By law in the state of Indiana (where I live) the assessed tax value and the market value are to be the same. (As best as the assessors can estimate.) So the tax amount to be paid is a percentage of that value. And that value should be what knowledgeable buyers and sellers acting in their own best interest would agree on for a sale price. I know this for sure for Residential properties since that's all we appraise. (Commercial and Industrial being out of our area of expertise.)
    • As far as I understand, yes you can do it. Here are some discussions I found quickly that explain it. PMing a mod here would surely clarify it. http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=7553.msg404572#msg404572 http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15598.0 I hear you about the resolution issue, but the examples you used above didn't seem too drastic of scale factor. I guess you would have to try them and see how they turn out. Cheers, tiger
    • Two Little Additions We've added a Highlight Topic Author so you'll see this in individual topics: Or rather, the # Original Poster part. (They won't all be by Cyclone Boom. )   And we've added Spoiler Titles for the spoiler button.   You will now get a pop up like this: Which allows the spoiler to have a label. While in the editor you can double click on the gray spoiler title bar to re-pop up the spoiler edit window in case you want to change the label text.
      A couple of minor bugs (IMO) are that you will not see the label while typing, editing, or previewing your post. The labels only show up once you submit the post. And also, when you write a new reply in a thread the spoiler labels in other posts disappear until you refresh the page. (This plugin was free so it's definitely worth the price paid.)

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