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    Cities: Skylines patch 1.1.1b is out

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    EndCiv: A post-apocalyptic city builder

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    TheoTown - A city-building game app for Android

    By Pedjica,

    DotCity, a futuristic city builder, minimalist in style, massive in size.

    By nathan@dotcitythegame,

    SimCity 4 is 78% off on Steam!

    By Dirktator,

    Introducing the Simtropolis Gallery

    By Dirktator,

    How Will Wright is turning your life into his next simulation

    By Dirktator,

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    • NYBT International Month
      By Aaron Graham · Posted
      Wonderful work!!!!!
    • American Midrise Building Team ?!
      By Attercap · Posted
      Its true, I was thinking about Feinbild when I wrote this post ! But he is the only one I know ; there are probably several others people who want or create american buildings. The 4x4 limit is a problem but we have to consider two or three things : a lot of american buildings, even from the Chicago School, are smaller than that. Olivier Typewriter Building, Brooks building, Marquette Building, even the Jewelers Building fits more or less in the 4x4 limit. (I have a doubt for the last one ) Make bigger but ploppable buildings is not a shame. And it's quite easy to transform a ploppable into a growable if the 4x4 limit is broken. Shy Dude, if you dream of macking Chicago School buildings... : what are you wainting ? Ploppable buildings are really better than nothing. What are the buildings you want to do ?

      In fact, the Chicago I like is the former Chicago (between 1920 and 1960) so we dont just need buildings but cars, trams, steam trains, metro, maybe horses, clothes...
    • Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2
      By Shingure · Posted
      Something slight.   
    • mod suggestions?
      By Shroomblaze · Posted
      Here's a link to the collection I released last week. Everything is really good. Just read my statement for subscribing to everything. The modding section is stuff to consider, I haven't tested all the mods and you should check them out first to see if they are up to date and working. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=483053046
    • The 10,000 Post thread V3
      By Duke87 · Posted
      (5114) My understanding is that crossing ones fingers has two different and unrelated meanings depending on how it is done. Crossing your fingers as a gesture in view of the listener means you are hoping something good will happen or hoping something bad won't happen. Crossing your fingers behind your back while making a promise serves as a hidden signal to your friends behind you that you have no intention of keeping it.
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