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    • Great guide! pretty sure the black spots created by LOD faces not directly on the mesh can be taken care of with the "distance" and "bias" settings. Sometimes it's a bit hard to find the right values to solve the problem but it works. Thank you for this guide!
    • You're both princes, and I respectfully stand at your feet, wincing at my noobishness ! :-))))) (really, Tariel, _SC4.lot ? Really ?!? Good Lord !) (small voice : on the other hand, it was the right move, wasn't it ?:-) EDIT PS : In fact --looking again at your picture, Robin --, I realized I would have found them without a hitch in the L.E. had I known they were called "Relojios" !!!! omg. [BTW, your trick of dragging the the file on the L.E. icon works!] Well, it has been another learning experience for me anyway, so it's all good :-) (except fromforthe pills, TWrecks, and another tear in Robin's patience...) Thank you both again !
    • Ok, @rsc204 thanks for the explanation. How are the fares, that the sims pay to ride a train or a bus, usually detemined by the game, if this property isn't used at all obviously?! Is that part of the simulator, that is used in the NAM or is that hardcoded in the game exe?! Just curious... And how is a train station used differently, if it has the Transit Switch Fare property in it comparing to one, that does not have it?! Has anybody tested it yet?! Questions, questions... Kind regards!

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