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    CitiesCorp Concept

    By Sebaestschn,

    After Dark Expansion released for Cities: Skylines!

    By Cyclone Boom,

    important Microsoft releases update, blocks SC4 from starting

    By Cyclone Boom,

    After Dark - Dev Diary #1

    By Dirktator,

    Cities: Skylines - After Dark reveals completely reasonable price

    By Dirktator,

    Cities: Skylines "After Dark" Expansion Announced (24th September Release)

    By Cyclone Boom,

    Cities: Skylines patch 1.1.1b is out

    By Dirktator,

    EndCiv: A post-apocalyptic city builder

    By star-lord-bucks,

    TheoTown - A city-building game app for Android

    By Pedjica,

    DotCity, a futuristic city builder, minimalist in style, massive in size.

    By nathan@dotcitythegame,

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    • Can't Find It? Ask Here
      By Dreadnought · Posted
      Yo, heartless -- Thanx for the pat on the back -- all newbies need a little "bump".  That makes TWO votes! (lol)
    • Buildings, roads & population limits - time to lift?
      By ghosty20 · Posted
      Well there we go from the devs themselves that they are not going to touch the limits anytime soon..  And well they know more about their own game than I do and it is good to hear from them that they are closely looking at what the community would like to have and have said so so for now I would think this topic has come to its ultimate conclusion.. This is from TotallyMoo's second post on the second page you linked replying to a post where they were asked if the limits could be raised: 1. To my knowledge, not without drastically changing a lot of code. (whole bunch of things rely on, are balanced after etc. these limits)
    • SimCity 4 vs SimCity 5 (2013)
      By A Nonny Moose · Posted
      GTK is the graphics basis for the Linux desktops.  Stands for GIMP Tool Kit.  GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program.  I guess that makes GTK a second generation acronym.
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