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    • Yes, that would be a nice idea, especially since we cannot draw four tracks on one tile, like on ncd's lot textures. As for the stations themselves, you did a mighty fine job as usual! I think the timber loading station is my personal favourite. Other than the obvious Maxis props (well, obvious to any avid LE user), how much of what I'm looking at is pre-existing and how much did you make yourself? I take it that all the main buildings are your own work, right?
    • Complete hogwash, I've done it many times, I have all my changes packed in there, rather than as overrides, it works just fine. I think this misunderstanding came about because at the time, many computers simply didn't have the resources to reliably save such a large file in Reader. It's still not recommended, because if it does go wrong, you will be re-installing from scratch (or you could make a backup first). Also, it will bork the patches and potentially has other consequences, but it's totally possible. It shouldn't do so, because Automata and the underlying simulation are in no way connected in terms of function. Of course the amount of automata you see is reflective of the usage of the networks, but disabling automata won't alter the network usage one iota. As mentioned, reducing automata won't affect networks capacity, automata is purely a visual thing. So adding more tracks wouldn't change anything, except maybe convincing some trains to use one and some to use the other. But even that is hard to control, in essence trains are "spawned" at stations or TE switches, based on the usage of the line. To get less trains, you'd need less sims using them, or could try the tricks outlined by @RandyE with the automata exemplars. But such things are very hard to control, switching all traffic off is very easy, but getting the "goldilocks" amount of trains would likely require some trial and error.

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