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    • Subway + Railway
      In principle, that's something you can do with the train. It's that kind of metro you describe in all but name. If you worry about costs, that's something you can tweak to your liking.
    • Subway + Railway
      To all the modders doing great work, I have a question: Would it be possible to make a subway line connect to a regular railway line that was underground? The reason I ask is because there are places in the real world where the 'subway' isn't all underground. The tracks come up from underground and connect to street-level tracks as well as elevated tracks. In the game there's currently no way to bring the subway up from underground, but is that something that could be modded? For instance, you have a normal subway line with a few stops, then you bring the tracks away from a stop, then continue them with regular rail tracks, underground, then from there you bring the tracks up to street level and to a station, or to one of the elevated stations that are on the workshop. Then from there you could continue on to any number of street-level/elevated stations before taking the tracks back underground to re-connect with the original subway line to complete a loop, or to start a new branch. Whatever the case. Would this be possible?
    • World Affairs
      Well imho the problems of dictatorship are purely challenges not obstacles, but certainly democracy works in a rough mongrelly way, never really achieving any particular vision for a nation but keeping the basic things flowing. However the UK is no wonderful angelic incorruptible land. Last night's Daily Mail had a piece on corruption in the civil service. Dictatorships may have yet to demonstrate economic success but what is the price we pay for economic success? Maybe Google and Apple and company are economically healthy but few would say our country is performing brilliantly. In a world economy with international finance nations lose their sovereignty. If a foreign land ceases supplying oil that affects our motorists. If a foreign trade deal collapses that affects our business. So the vitality provided by capitalist democracy is only effective when our trading partners shars these ideals. But once again just because some highly abstract figure like the gross domestic product is doing nicely does not indicate prosperity or happiness for the citizenry. I think a meritocracy or technocracy is better in this modern age. Give every idiot and bricklayer a vote and they'll vote to cheapen beer, shorten working hours and maintain the status quo with all its ugliness.