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    • RHW FLUP?
      Don't sweat it.  There is so much stuff it is easy to overlook what you need.
    • WIN 7: Install for Multiple Users
      Whatever floats your boat.  The overhead in Windoze is just a little on the unconscionable side, don't you think?  You get about the same result with a Linux system, but the overheads don't include that silly registry. I have the option of a separate account, the multiple plugin route or a separate wine prefix.  I prefer the extra account. Glad to see you finished your grad degree.  What did you get?
    • SimCoug's Lot&Mod Den
      Hello, I'm sad to say I have the same problem as ccy: Both busstops actually, 1x1 and 1x3.   I have all dependencies, and still getting a brown box on the busstop. Are we missing a prop, or is something causing a conflict?